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Veterans Day is Coming – November 11

In 1921, an unknown World War I American soldier was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. This site, on a hillside overlooking the Potomac River and the city of Washington, D.C., became the focal point of reverence for America’s veterans.

The first celebration using the term Veterans Day occurred in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1947. Raymond Weeks, a World War II veteran, organized “National Veterans Day,” which included a parade and other festivities to honor all veterans. The event was held on November 11, then designated Armistice Day and eventually changed to Veterans Day.

With about 19 million veterans in the United States, there are a significant number of people coping with unique physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social challenges.

There are many ways to recognize our veterans, including ceremonies, parades, recognition events, and gestures of appreciation. One of the ways that Heart to Heart Hospice chooses to recognize veterans is to participate in the We Honor Veterans program.

This program empowers hospices and community organizations to meet the unique needs of America’s Veterans and their families, considering their war or trauma and population. Through this program, we offer guidance and resources focused on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening, and grateful acknowledgment so that Veterans can be guided toward a more peaceful ending. We strive to serve those who have served.

Watch the inspiring video here: We Honor Veterans – YouTube