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Serving Our Patient And Families

At the Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation, we know that not all needs are covered by insurance. Some of our patients are suffering from financial hardship; some are in need of special therapeutic services such as massage, Reiki, or counseling; some have simple last wishes that are unfulfilled. The Patient and Family Need Program, funded through the generosity of our donors, allows us to meet these needs. Here are just a few of things that we can do:

  • Pay a utility bill
  • Make a home or auto repair
  • Provide Medical equipment
  • Buy groceries or hygiene items
  • Enhance care through additional therapies
  • Travel expenses to reunite family and friends
  • Make last wishes come true
  • Pediatric hospice services
  • Assist with bereavement camp tuition and grief counseling
  • And more

We, at the Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation are dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with life-limiting conditions and nearing the end of life. To join us in our mission by volunteering or making a donation, help us lift a burden for a patient or family member, and bring a smile to someone’s face, please click here. Thank you for your generosity!

To learn more about the Patient/Family Need Program or to see if you or a loved one in our care qualifies, please call the Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation at (855) HEART-26.