Veterans Care Program

The Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation believes that there is no greater honor than to serve a veteran or his/her family.  Veterans are our nation’s heroes and to give back to them, especially at a time of need, is a privilege.  Through the Veteran’s Care Program, and through the generosity of our donors who fund it, the Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation provides for veterans with life-limiting conditions and nearing the end of life. This program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Emergency financial support
  • Critical unmet needs
  • Transportation
  • Wounded veteran support
  • Legal services
  • Counseling and other therapies
  • Legacy and honoring programs
  • And more….

We work closely with local Veterans Hospitals and other veteran organizations to reach out to as many veterans and their families as possible.  To learn more about the Veterans Care Program or to see if you or a veteran you know qualifies for this program, click here or call the Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation at (855) HEART-26.

Please join us in our mission to serve our veterans by volunteering or making a donation.  Help us give back to those have given so much.  Thank you for your generosity!