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Compelling PBS Documentary Seeks To ‘Give a Voice’ to Those on Cancer Journey

As part of its commitment to supporting patients nearing the end of life, their
families, and the greater community, the Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation is serving as
executive sponsor of the new PBS documentary, “Those on the Front Lines of Cancer.”

The film debuted this summer on Public Broadcasting Stations nationwide, and will be shown Sunday, Sept. 20, at 4 p.m., on KERA, PBS member station for North Texas.

“Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation is proud to be part of Those on the Front Lines of Cancer,” said Kelly Mitchell, President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. “We understand the path a cancer patient and their family must take, and we are here for their support. We are honored to be part of this story.”

Nearly two years in the making, the documentary was produced for Detroit Public Television by Visionalist Entertainment, whose mission is to share compelling, untold stories. The film explores many aspects of cancer, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, environmental toxins, pain management, financial toxicity, lifestyle factors, and advocacy.

The focus, however, is “those on the front lines” – the people – the medical professionals
searching for a cure, the supportive community organizations, and especially the inspiring,
heartfelt stories of the individuals personally fighting cancer and their families.

“I wanted to give a voice to those who are on a cancer journey,” said award-winning Director Keith Famie, “to enable these unsung heroes of the film to teach us about strength, courage, faith, and the drive to overcome this devastating disease.” The story is held together by the universal concept of time – the rush against time to develop cures, the way the perception of time changes after a cancer diagnosis, and how patients choose to spend their time.