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Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation Endows Nursing Scholarship at Grayson College

The “Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation Endowed Nursing Scholarship” will be awarded to Grayson College nursing students based upon character, academic ability, and financial need.

Grayson College is well-regarded for turning out highly trained, competent and compassionate nurses,” said Robert Watson, Executive Director of Heart to Heart Hospice of North Texas. He noted that the Sherman location currently employs 18 nurses, many of whom are graduates of Grayson College, and that it participates with the school in clinical rotations for nurses interested in careers in hospice and end-of-life care.

“Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system,” said Watson. “Even with all the new technology, bedside nursing is still essential. When you’re sick, you want a well-educated, caring person by your side taking care of you,” he added.

In accepting the endowment, Grayson College President Dr. Jeremy McMillen called the scholarship “an investment in students and their future.”

The Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation is “helping make dreams come true for those who want to work in all phases of nursing,” added Randall W. Truxal, Executive Director of the Grayson College Foundation.

Dava Washburn, Ph.D. and Vice President of Instruction at Grayson College, expressed gratitude for the scholarship specifically designed to help nursing students, which she said will greatly assist in the school’s efforts to continue strengthening the quality of health care in the region.

The Education and Scholarship program is one of four unique programs through which the Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation reaches those in need to provide greater care, greater education and a commitment to celebrate life.

“We believe that the greatest impact we have is through the ripple effect of education,” said Kelly Mitchell, CEO and Founder of Heart to Heart Hospice and President of Heart to Heart Hospice Foundation. “By training compassionate caregivers today, we are creating a brighter tomorrow,” he said. “We are pleased to be a part of the growing and highly respected nursing program at Grayson College.”